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Simple estate clearance

Specialist service that is easy to use. That’s it.

Aamion is dedicated to making the job of cleaning out a property and preparing it for sale easy. And that is our philosophy evident in our everyday work and services; from arriving early, taking care with your loved ones furniture to cleaning and removing unwanted items we do it all in a day. With a happy ‘can do’ attitude and transparency with all of our costs Aamion is there deliver what we promise. simple, caring estate clearance.The long road to selling your house


Aamion. We empty homes


Not sure what to do with a house full of contents, furniture and junk?

Aamion Deceased Estate Management offer caring service that transport furniture and items to family, donate remaining contents to charity and dispose of what’s left.
We come in a day and have the property cleaned and empty ready for sale or lease.
Why send a property to market when with a little work you can have a huge increase to the looks, appeal and value. Honest caring service. Pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 855 549.


We Empty Homes – Property cleaning before and after by Aamion

Another quality property clean out by the hard working team at Aamion Deceased Estate Management of a Estate, prepared and cleaned ready for sale.

We Empty Homes.

Waste and Contents removal, Cleaning, Landscaping and everything else. 1300 855 549

Wild overgrown garden? Can’t see the house from the street?

Can’t see out your windows?
Ivy overgrown the house?


Aamion can help to fix that. We cut back trees, remove vines, trim wild gardens, fix views fast.
1300 855 549. We would be honoured to help you.


Aamion Deceased Estate Management assist you to clean, empty and fix your estate, clean it up, have it looking great ready for sale. We would be honoured to help you. Cleaning a Estate and property full of contents can be hard work. With a family home interstate or overseas trying to deal with the legal, […]

Luke is leaving us at Aamion Deceased Estate Management


One of my best mates, brother, and original member of the Aamion team is leaving us tomorrow. It’s been a sad week, and I can understand the loss of a loved one even more. It really sucks, simple as that.

He has been with us from the start, working hard, always keen for the dirty jobs, likes to sleep in and work hard. Also a favourite of the nap in the passenger seat while we are driving home from a big day of working cleaning out deceased estates, removing the waste and property contents, cleaning up the mess in the wind and rain, then fixing the garden.

Come and say good buy at Chapel Fitness, the Aamion team will be boxing with Roy Brens from Elite Sports Concepts tomorrow at 8:30. Then seeing him off the the airport on Thursday.

Luke is off to Japan, China, Tibet, and India for the next six months then off to work in Brisbane as a partner in a law firm. Just one of the qualified, caring and understanding Aamion Deceased Estate Management team. We wish him good luck and all the best. Change is always har at first but something we need to open to and willing to accept, don’t judge it before it happens, allow change and review it months later. Easier than it sounds.

Of course if you need help to clean out, fix up, repair your estate, friends, family or loved ones home ready for sale or lease give Aamion a call on 1300 855 549.

We would be honoured to help you.

Relocation cleaning with Aamion Property Services

Moving in or out of a property? Aamion can help you with Cleaning, Moving, Transport, Repairs and anything else you had in mind.

Aamion Regularly work to assist families with parents and loved ones moving in and out of aged care. Its a tough time for some who don’t want to leave the comfort of the home they have lived in for years. The support and care available is just what they need, along with social groups and activities, sad as it seems its also a new lease on life. Aamion Relocation Cleaning come in a day to remove all unwanted household items, clean the property, tidy up the yard and have the house looking and smelling great ready for what your going to do with it next. Sale, Lease etc.

Aamion Also assist property purchasers who buy a house that still has contents, like furniture in the house, we can pull up the carpets, have the walls painted, fix up the garden, cut back the ivy and more. Not just Deceased Estates but property services. Everything from Preparing a property for sale, Contents Removal, Waste removal and even Cleaning out your own house, Aamion can help you. 1300 855 549.

ImageWe have the knowledge, experience, training, skills and qualifications to do the very best job for you and your family even with the toughest and dirtiest jobs. For any support or advise please feel free to call Aamion Deceased Estate Management on 1300 855 549.